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Survivor Borneo

Survivor: Borneo

Survivor: Borneo is the first season of Survivor. It was originally filmed between March 13th, 2000 to April 20th, 2000 and aired on television from May 31st, 2000 to August 23rd, 2000. The season's tribes were Pagong and Tagi, the names of the beaches each tribe stayed on. When ten players were left, a merge occured and the tribes were combined into Rattana, named by contestants Sean Kenniff and Jenna Lewis. Richard Hatch wound up defeating Kelly Wiglesworth in a 4-3 jury vote.

Rudy Boesch, Colleen Haskell, Richard Hatch, Susan Hawk and Jenna Lewis were offered to return for Survivor: All-Stars. Only Haskell turned down the opportunity. Richard Hatch would have been brought back for Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains if he was not under house arrest at the time.



Game HistoryEdit

Castaway 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Finale Reunion
Richard Stacey Win Stacey Win Dirk Win Gretchen Greg Jenna Gervase Colleen Sean Susan None Rudy Winner
Kelly Rudy Win Rudy Win Rudy Win Gretchen Greg Sean Gervase Sean Sean Richard Susan Rudy Second
Rudy Sonja Win Stacey Win Dirk Win Gretchen Greg Jenna Gervase Colleen Sean Susan Susan Richard Richard
Susan Sonja Win Stacey Win Dirk Win Gretchen Greg Jenna Gervase Colleen Sean Richard None Richard
Sean Sonja Win Stacey Win Rudy Win Colleen Greg Jenna Gervase Colleen Susan Richard
Colleen Win B.B. Win Ramona Win Joel Richard Jenna Richard Sean Sean Kelly
Gervase Win B.B. Win Colleen Win Jenna Susan Jenna Richard Richard Kelly
Jenna Win B.B. Win Ramona Win Joel Gervase Greg Richard Kelly
Greg Win Ramona Win Jenna Win Joel Jenna Jenna Richard
Gretchen Win B.B. Win Ramona Win Joel Rudy
Joel Win B.B. Win Ramona Win Jenna
Dirk Sonja Win Stacey Win Susan
Ramona Win B.B. Win Colleen
Stacey Rudy Win Rudy
B.B. Win Ramona
Sonja Rudy



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